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Back in Bangalore

February 02, 2005 -

6am in wet Bangalore. I made the mistake of heading straight out to town to find everything closed. Soaked, tired and desperate for the toilet for one of those fart-cum-shit*explosions I find a guard who tells me shops open at 10:30, but toilets are "a restricted area" before that.

I showed restraint and eventually found an open hotel which is actually a restaurant in India. Ah, all is well now hours later in an air conditioned net cafe. I can almost pretend I am not in India, if it wasn't for that Dhoom soundtrack( playing a-fucking-gain.

The last couple of weeks I have been in the rocky ruins known as Hampi. As my then travelling companions Bjorn and Felix( will tell you, we went there because of girls. Hey! It's lonely work travelling! Hampi is tourist central like Goa and instead of catching at the very least a STD we fell victim to colds. Bjorn had this other problem with his anus, never mind that.

OH It's pissing down with early monsoon rain and I really thought mother nature was out to get me when lightning struck near one night in Hampi...

So what now? I am trying to get to Thailand. I had in mind to goto the crises stricken Burma/Myanmar, but evidently I would have to buy 200USD worth of government hotel/travel vouchers, which strikes me as dear for just passing through and exploiting a few children. Most likely now I will travel days north to Kolkata and catch an aeroplane from the feudal Kingdom of Bhutan. Why didn't the Chinese liberate that backward place like they did Tibet I wonder?


A car being toed

Kai showing off like a prize goat in a Waqar's Pakistani village LATAMBER!

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