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Bali, Indonesia

February 24, 2005 -

Today I got to see a Balinese magic trick. You see their money is stupid enough to be 9599 rupees to the dollar. After counting the money up painstakingly they grab it up for you bang it on the side of their counter and money slips down into their register. Then they give it over to you smiling.

My parents and I noticed this trick and asked for our 150USD back. Assholes.

My irritation is at all time highs. I am irritated about how expensive everything is. How humid the weather is. How stupid the sidewalks are (my Dad is well, disabled). The Internet speeds! And my parents are just the worst. They are like children at times. They can't relax, they're always shopping and screaming about like maniacs. Then some Balinese comes along and does something irritating like leaving the meter on while trying to count my stupid money and I just flip out.

People accuse me of being on drugs. I say I should be on some.

So what about Bali? Admittedly I have only seen the very south of the Island. I am staying with my parents in a huge luxury villa owned by some friends of ours from South Africa. I am eating lots of crustaceans, having several ice cold smoothies and drinking countless little bottles of Bintang beer and topping it off with a gigantic serving on Sherry on the rocks. Life ain't too bad. But I wake in my 4 poster bed, stagger into the bathroom and look at my body. What a waste(r)!

I do mean to look further about in Bali. I need to master these unpredictable mini-buses. I have hitch-hiked around the back roads, visited a temple (BORING except for a sheer cliff drop) and a surf beach. I must say the beach is nowhere near as good as the Andaman. It has it's ~waves~ though, but they're inches above a jagged reef!


Kai with a sexy MOUSTACHE:

Err, hopefully you can see it.

Oh I miss you dear friends. Wish you were here. Bjorn and Felix actually threatened to come and I asked my parents and they said "no". Oh FFS! Anyway, after scouting this place out, I would say it isn't for back packers. It's totally family holiday mode here.

From Mid-march I expect to be in Laos. After that hopefully China. I am also thinking of applying for an Australian work visa.

K&H (Kisses and Hugs)