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Bangkok (warning: adult content)

February 16, 2005 -

After gorging myself on stomach and gristle at the Thai food stalls, I toured Bangkok and here are my impressions.

Bear with me, after India which I miss, I like to compare Bangkok to a condom. Yes it's clean, a bit sterile even, yet it's sleazy. Oh I could expand on this analogy for awhile. The miscommunication, the expense, suffocating, perhaps throwing it up or around Western jizm.

I saw a million Buddhas today, argh argh!! BORING!!

The lady boys as I was expecting are fascinating. Oh who knew this was coming? I swear five minutes after this email I could goto my hotel and get it on with her/him. Probably the greatest blow job I've ever had. The two sexual milestones I have yet to achieve is paid and gay sex. Although some of my dear readers my have expected this from me already. It's amazing to think how easy those two milestones can be combined here, with less moral impact if taken individually. I mean he/she is cute and it's only polite to tip. I can't console to the poor girl afterwards as she (I mean he) simply couldn't understand the excuse I would naturally come up with.

That's enough explicit content for this instalment. ;)

I terribly irritated by the hot humid heat here. I am also irritated how I have to buy razors now and shave myself, instead of the Indian cut throat. I wish I had my shoes shined before I left. I wish I bought Neal Stephenson's finale of the Baroque Cycle in Bangalore, instead of paying 17UKPs on it today... I wish I remembered to tell my Dad to bring his Sony SW radio so I can have some BBC at times.

See you in Bali tomorrow?