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February 09, 2005 -

This week the Germans ( and I became pilgrims and went to see God.

Sathya Sai Baba aka the living god wasn't in Bangalore, but in Puttaparthi so we went to him and his Ashram. Yes, we heard about the allegations. That Sai Baba regularly takes down young men's trousers and oils their genitals.

All the more reason to go!

So we infiltrated the cult farcically following their stupid rules and language. We saw the living god and he's tiny! He seems to have suffered from a fall as he limps slowly about, so I doubt he is sexually active and I doubt he is going to live 16 more years like he has predicted.

The Ashram although cheap is a bit of disappointment. Hey, I tried to open my mind, think positively, admit "I came here for a reason", but I just couldn't feel or see this aura surrounding this guru by his true believing devotees.

So I am getting out of here and India! I didn't mean to stay almost 3 months.

My next moves are to Chennai->Kolkata->Bangkok->Bali(Indonesia).

I am meeting up with my parents for a month there:

Awesome huh? Any of you in the area? I could get my driver to pick you up and get my chef to whip you up a treat. :)

Sai Ramadan!