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April 07, 2005 -

Kai kayaking just before being caught in a storm and rescued:

My view of the "The beach" near Ko Phi Phi:

Not as good as the Andaman Islands due to its millions of visitors and sharp broken coral.

Neither was the social atmosphere. These "volunteers": make me sick. I hate it how now the locals hold these signs like, "I have lost 3 of 4 of my speed boats, please help" and self-righteous begging attitude. Have some pride. Only people doing work is Westerners, to restore a really cheesy concrete tourist industry on a Island. Goodbye nature.

Prices on this Island are absolutely outrageous. There is less business than usual on this Island because of the destruction and debris in the water, yet they dare not lower their extortionate prices. It is cheaper to go to the middle of Bangkok and get a Thai massage (non-sexy), which I recommend everyone to try at least once.

Bjorn, Felix and I made our usual impression with the Islanders. Oh "they're crazy". It was lucky they had only one pair of hand cuffs as when we jumped into hotel pools naked and subsequently tried to borrow a motorbike, they had difficulty detaining us. Bjorn should not be allowed to watch Jackass, it just gives him ideas.

Incidentally we celebrated 100 days since that Tsunami.

Eventfully back in Bangkok I joined a monastery and had a go at meditation. Buddhism like many other religions are totally no brainers. The subservient chanting and the brain numbing mediation where I had to "mindful" of my sitting posture; sitting, sitting, ass-itching, sitting, cramp, sitting, feeling-sleeping, sitting, sweating, sitting, god-i-am-so-bored. Wash away the pain and suffering. Oh please. How they prey on the weak.

Tonight I should be flying out to Japan this time. Wish me luck,