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Everyone is a millionaire in Lao

March 19, 2005 -

The maturity test graduation obstacle has been resolved, Yippee!! I'll officially have my Masters in April. With this achievement I expect I will be qualified to pick oranges in Australia for the rest of the year.

Jamie and I are off to Vang Viene this afternoon. There isn't terrible much to do in Vientiane besides drinking Beerloa and swim in the surprisingly clean Mekong River.

We should be back by Wednesday in Vientiane, where we will probably go south. We're staying in a gorgeous place on the Mekong rented by Julia who I know from debating and who works for the EU. The house number is: +856 21 222 893

Hopefully some better pictures from Jamie's camera will be here:

Oh here is one of me in the Mekong:

Here is another with me eating blood soup: