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Happy New Year!

December 18, 2004 -

Dear friends,

Happy New Year!

Instead of writing a reply and BCCing a bunch of people (and forgetting some inadvertently in the process) in my addressbook I have set up a mailing list. If you are reading this from your inbox, you're subscribed.

Lucky you.

You can UNsubscribe if you want, but I will be mortally offended.

I won't bore you with my everyday mundane/technical life. This atm is for my travelogue, which (I hope) you are mostly interested in. These mails won't be very long, but they might be quite frequent.

If replying or commenting on my ramblings, you need to reply to me the poster ( not the mailing list please. Only I can post the mailing list. So don't bother mailing "I hate you Kai and your friends" to the mailing list. It won't work. Hopefully.

So, my first entry goes like this:

I am going to the Andaman Islands for New Year. Nah nah naa nah nah! ;)

Apologies for insincerity, it's such a pain being popular.

Happy new year again. Wish you were all here with me.