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Japan, Australia

May 19, 2005 -

Dear "Kai's travel" subscribers,

A couple of you showed concern whilst this list was offline for the last 2 months, WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF YOU?


Anyway, did Japan. Quite a story there which I could divulge only in private, intoxicated.

Then I came back Thailand and lazed around on busy beaches in 30-plus degrees.

Now I am in Melbourne, Australia er.. via Vietnam.

It is a great city, albeit chilly. I had no money when I arrived, but now I have a job. It was touch and go, I could have had to return to Europe in spring...

I am staying with reluctant hosts who are friends of my sister. I bit awkward. I heard them talking one night about the fear that they are harbouring a social criminal.

They are a nice couple though, the kind of people who waste money on organic food and unplug their TV at night to save electricity.

Well, I hope this email works. I will post a bit more of an update with graphic porn later.

You have been ever so patient this far,