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Japan picture diary (pt1)

June 06, 2005 -

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In Japan I stayed with my sister Jutta near Isehara. She teaches English:

I arrived in Japan, just in time for the Cherry Blossoms:

One thing that strikes you about Japan, is how weird all the electronic stuff is. Guess what this is: First is an ATM, the other is a hand drier.

She lives near the super sexy city of Yokohama:

I went there again for a rave with my sister: And her friends:

I hate raves.

Wednesdays were big nights. First to Free Culture in Fujusawa then Wesleys. People usually get naked in Wesleys:

Partying is expensive and there is a working class culture of staying out all night and getting smashed. Sometimes I stayed home while my sister was out, to save money:

One of the best things about Japan, is the gorgeous food:

Jutta's friends were very generous.


It doesn't look very populated, but it is. There are zillions more Japanese than you think.

Hopefully I will be able to prepare a part 2 to Japan. Else hold tight for Melbourne.