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Melbourne is the place to be. Honest

June 27, 2005 -

When I first arrived in Melbourne I was practically broke. Too many Thai massages or something. My sister's friend Gaby and Craig unwillingly hosted my for a couple of weeks in Richmond a suburb just south of Melbourne.

As soon as I come across some money I moved out into a hostel and spent my time at the state library.

I participated in the speakers corner talking about my travels and thoughts on Islam and I play "street" chess.

Next event was moving in to apartment that promised Internet, but didn't have it. Fortunately I live with Sean who is a chef. We're having scones here:

I also live with Christine:

I live very near Flagstaff gardens. It's invested wit Possums. I wish I had a gun.

Besides spending my time on Internet dating sites, I shop at the Victorian market:

It's like the market in Kallio (Finland), but bigger.

I'm not gay yet, though I am borrowing my gay flatmate's clothes.

I might be getting fat, but in style sweeties.

I live right in the city CBD:

The "town house" I live currently live in feels like a youth detention centre. I am planning to move out soon though. My flatmates say they're happy to join me which is encouraging. Though I am think of moving to Sydney, depending on how my work goes.