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Port Blair

January 16, 2005 -

For those subscribers who didn't realise I participated in that last earthquake, you should have read my last email a little more carefully.

Here is an update:

I am tired of talking about it for now. I will eventually write up the more detailed version in my diary.

For those wondering why I have not left this god forsaken Island yet, know that I have been keeping busy.

Night before last some Germans( and I ran into trouble by clowning around in a bar and landed up in the Police station. Mildly amusing.

Yesterday we visted the Wandoor region and it is pretty fucked. Nice to see some destruction at last.

Today was amazing. Snorkeled amongst Manta rays. These huge beasts eat plankton which incidentally sting a little. Then in between these two Islands (called twin Island) a deer came swimming past. Then our boatman swam and caught the thing, much to some neighbouring fishermans' boat dissapointment. Later we got boarded by these fishermen-cum-pirates and they stole our swag.


Next we drove out to this sucluded beach on some tiny Island in the middle of nowhere "in the middle of nowhere". It doesn't get more desert island than that.

Thanks Teemu for getting my website my box back online after my motherboard blew at some point over this festive period.

I quickly wish you good night before the power goes off and I lose this email in the web interface.