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July 17, 2005 -

I've had a glorious weekend. Went to bed at 9pm after polishing off a bottle of port on Friday. Woke early for Harry Potter. Went to the Opera. Almost fell asleep at my usual 9pm. Sunday did some shopping at the market. Porterhouse steak is a bargain. Then off for a swim and sauna. Next I went to the state library where I beat a child prodigy at chess! Afterwards I went outside to heckle some creationists.

Now I am waiting for my chef Sean to wake and cook me something. ;)

I hope you're having a good summer. I had to utilise a radiator last night. Brrr!

Where I am now:

Antoine's pictures of the trip:

A couple of recent but crappy pictures:

I am leaving for Sydney in the middle of August to see the sights and my old University friend Tom Rossetti. Then I'll be back in Melbourne to catch a flight out of Australia to Vietnam and then we'll see what next.

Miss you all,